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GDW BLS995 HV Brushless Digital Tail Servo


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GDW BLS995 HV Brushless Digital Tail Servo

Standard Size Servo

Operating voltage range: 4.8V – 8.4V
Working frequency: 760µs / 333Hz

Dimensions: 40mm (55mm) x 20mm x 37.5mm
Weight: 75g ± 1g

Bench test values:°@6.0V°@7.4V°@8.4V

Dead band: 2µs

Motor type: Brushless motor 17mm x 18mm
Gear material: Al + Cu
Horn gear spline: 25T ⌀ 5.9mm
Wire length: 330mm ± 5mm
Wire diameter: 0.3mm2
Number of wire cores: 60

Race-class helicopter steering gear
Helicopter high-speed digital steering gear
Stainless steel output teeth, double bearings
Tough and wear-resistant
Quick response, extraordinary response
High-speed tail lock servo, neat and clean
11KG 0.03S
Competition level configuration, player selection
High speed and stable

Package Included
1*GDW BLS995HV Servo


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